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"Better Angels" seeks return of civility to political discourse

This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in an 815 Choose Civility event featuring a screening of the documentary "Better Angels: Reuniting America". We've seen firsthand how incivility and polarization have eroded our ability to communicate, build consensus, and overcome community challenges. Better Angels seeks to build ways for Americans on both sides of political issues to effectively communicate, participate together in public life, and influence the direction of the Nation. The facilitated discussion that followed yesterday's screening featured panels of local "blue" leaders, convened by State Representative Maurice West, and "red" leaders, convened by former County Board rep John Guevara. It was amazing to be reminded that our similarities, our need to work together to bring our community forward, can easily overcome any "side" when we start with civility -- I was encouraged and am grateful for an enhanced set of tools to bring to current (and future!) tables where difficult conversations are held. Thanks to all who participated and led this powerful event!

-- Rob

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